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Windows Defender claims Win32/Sprisky.D!d in Timeline custom visual

Windows Defender is not letting me download a .pbix from my OneDrive folder, because it claims it contains trojan Win32/Sprisky.D!d.  The WD report says it's coming from the Timeline slicer, from the Custom Visuals gallery.  This is the Timeline published by Microsoft, not a third party.


Any idea if this is a false positive, or if the Visuals Gallery has been compromised, or if Microsoft is intentionally trying to plant a trojan on my machine?

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Did you download the Timeline slicer from here? I just used Windows Defender to scan the .pbiviz file and the .pbix file which contains the Timeline slicer, no threats found. I can also download the .pbix file from my OneDrive folder.


If you are using an old version of Timeline slicer, please try to download the latest version from above official site and scan again.


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I believe Windows Defender virus definitions have been updated.  It no longer flags the file.