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Why is the On Demand Refresh faster than Schedule Refresh

Hi Team,


We have been noticing that when we hit Refresh now on the dashbaords , it finishes fast like within 2 minutes vs a scheduled Refresh takes about 14 minutes .


What is the difference between these as they should have more or less the same time 



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Hi - 


I'm experiencing the same issue.



I'm wondering if this is happening for Premium users, too. 

We only have Pro, so they put us on a shared server. And with many other scheduled dataset refreshes on the shared server at the same times, perhaps that's what causes things to slow down? I don't know.



I've tested the data refresh using the data refresh API and it is faster that way than the scheduled approach.


Since there's no solution for this yet, we will be switching our scheduling to use these API's instead.


We are using PowerShell scripts described here


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 Hi @rrr3521:


I'm pro user too, so I'm sorry that I could not provide you with help.


Thanks so much for sharing your solution!






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Experienced the same in multiple tenants. On demand refresh takes only like 1/10th of the time.


Problem happens for my customers as well

1 minutes for manual refresh in service

14 min for scheduled...


Hopefully this gets an answer at some point/some visibility in community !





Same problem for me. It would be great to understand that difference.

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Same problem for me. Also, the Salesforce data dissappears with the scheduled refresh but not with the refresh on demand...

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Same for me.  I am refreshing SharePoint lists that display in Power BI as data tables with only a couple of columns and under 20 rows.  Manual refresh takes 2 seconds.  2 seconds.  Auto refresh is a minimum of 10 minutes and its gone all the ay up to 55 minutes.  Again we are talking about hardly any data.