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Why can't I still restore the powerbi embedded service (region south korea)?

Powerbi Embedded, which worked well until this morning,


After today's disability from the service, it still has not been able to get bi embedded ticket and embedded url. If you ask about 5 times,


you only get 1 time and there are no tickets or no embedded url.


We received feedback that the powerbi service failure was resolved, but our service is still unsatisfactory.

Today was the opening day of the operation service, but the customers are very puzzled and I am very dizzy.


The requested address is


Are you all good at using the powerbi embedded service?

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I'm having similar issues with the embed service. It works sometimes and other times it fails to authenticate.

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Same for us in Australia - all requests for power bi embedded fail with 401 unauthorized.


Community Support

Hi all, 


It's a known issue that customers may see intermittent 401 errors with Power BI REST API End Points. Mitigation is in progress and expect it to be completed by end-of-day 10/1/2019. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu