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What-IF Parameter issue for decimal points

Built a Line Chart in Power BI Desktop that has a measures which is having calculation depensd on What If parameters. The following table and measure was automatically created using the What If dialog box.
Parameter A = GENERATESERIES(-100, 100, 0.1)
Parameter A Value = SELECTEDVALUE('Parameter A'[Parameter A], 1000)
The issue I am having is that when a user updates the value in the filter's numeric input box and hits "enter," the value changes. For example, the user types 56.7  in the box, hits "enter," and then the value changes to 56.8. Entering  56.3 changes to 56.2.  Is there a way to turn off any kind of sampling that may be occuring in the background?

Status: Delivered

Hi @ArjunV_07


The same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 115536429. This is currently by design, though we've been discussing a better experience when we're sampling data points. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Status changed to: Delivered
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