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Web query isses with geo coding function

I'm having troubling trying to incorporate a custom geo coding function for coordinates in one of my heacount files. The function works and retrieves latitude and longitude data. However, I am encountering the error message below for a different data table. The “Student ID Key” table only has one column (Student ID), made up of the unique Student ID values for each of the last several academic years. I’m not exactly sure what the cause of the issue as since I did not make any changes to the Student ID Key table at all when I created the new web query for the geo code function.


xml processing error.png


I've already encountered the error below when I try to push the data through to the data/report viewin Power BI.

When I tried refreshing the report by "Applying the Changes", I get this error.When I tried refreshing the report by "Applying the Changes", I get this error.


Is there a workaround to be able to recreate the web query and function on the data/report view side in Power BI instead of the query editor?


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Hi @daviss62,


There is an error with table "Student ID Key", it's expected can't apply changes to data model. Query to retrieve data from data source are specified in Query Editor, on report/data view, we can use DAX formula to create a calculated column/table or measure to do data modelling for retrieve data. 


In your scenario, please select the table "Student ID Key" in Query Editor, check which step starts has error in Query Settings-> Applied Steps pane. If the error occurs when you transform data, you can share detail query with us to see if it can be replaced with DAX. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft,


Thank you for your response.


In the Query Editor, under Query Settings, there are no errors with the "Student ID Key" table. This table has been used in the same report prior to the addition of adding the geo coding function as a custom column into the individual student headcount table.


The error that occurs only happens when attempting to "Apply Changes" in the report/data view.