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We are not able to restrict Legend Colour for Column chart

Hi Team, I have to created a Column chart using the following item locations amount, time period X axis =time period, Y axis = Amount, Legend =locations I have a stacked Column chart displaying Amount by time period ( Amount on y axis, time period on x axis) collected at a number of different locations.. In order to facilitate comparaison of time pweriod visitation amount for different locations, I am using the locations as the categories for the "Legend" field Typically, the end user will only select a few locations at a time (let's say a max of 3). However, by default Power BI assigns a static color to each category. What I would like to do is assign the legend colors dynamically based on the number of locations selected. For example, if only one location is selected it is always green. If two are selected, one is green and one is blue. If third is selected, green, blue and yellow. Etc. It really doesn't matter which location is assigned which color when selected so ;that isn't a constraint. Regards Arjun V
Status: Delivered

Hi @ArjunV_07


It's not able to set conditional formatting for data colors if the chart legend has values. For your requirement, please vote on this same idea:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Status changed to: Delivered