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Vizual Interactions

Hello All,


I am new to Power BI and trying to learn while creating dashboards. I am trying to create a dashboard on the SLAs and what I want is when I click on the fails in vizualization 1, I want to see only the records of the 'Fails' in Vizualization 2. But when I click on the 2 fails for SITE5 in viz 1, I get all 10 records of that site in Viz 2. I only want to see the records of the 2 fails. Could you please help. Much appreciated!


Viz 1:

SITE485 85100.0%


Viz 2:

Ticket IDProblem NamePrioritySiteSLACreate DateResolved Date
Ticket1CarpentryRoutineSITE5Pass 5/8/2020 7:172/1/2021 7:52
Ticket2CarpentryRoutineSITE5Pass 5/8/2020 8:342/11/2021 11:10
Ticket3PaintingRoutineSITE5Fail2/2/2021 15:002/2/2021 15:15
Ticket4Cleaning RequestsUrgentSITE5Pass 1/27/2021 11:262/2/2021 12:29
Ticket5Electrical/PowerRoutineSITE5Pass 12/30/2020 20:112/1/2021 11:12
Ticket6HVAC ServicesRoutineSITE5Pass 12/18/2020 4:512/11/2021 10:36
Ticket7Cleaning RequestsRoutineSITE5Pass 12/3/2020 10:442/3/2021 14:37
Ticket8Cleaning RequestsUrgentSITE5Pass 2/6/2021 23:292/11/2021 14:53
Ticket9Electrical/PowerRoutineSITE5Fail8/25/2020 10:082/10/2021 8:31
Ticket10Cleaning RequestsUrgentSITE5Pass 2/6/2021 23:292/11/2021 14:53


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Instead, you may drag [SLA] to Columns in a Matrix visual.

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Thanks for your reply! Ok just tried that. So the 'Pass' field works but for some reason the 'Fails' do not show the data. For example out of 10 tickets for a site, 8 passed and 4 failed. So when I click on 8 it shows me the ticket details for the 8. But when I click on the 2 fails it gives me the ticket details of all 10 for the site.