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Visualizations Showing up on the wrong pages

In the last week, I have seen several instances of visuals staying visible and interactive when navigating away from one page to another. The only recourse is to close and restart the application.


It seems to be primarily cards, but I have seen bar/line charts have the same issue. I cannot figure out the trigger, as it seems to happen at random.


At first I thought they were just an artificat that would go away with a refresh of the page or minimizing and maximizing the screen, but then I noticed that the visuals actually behave like visuals on the new page, but they will not show up in the selection pane for the new page. 



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I cannot reproduce the issue, try using the latest version of Power BI Desktop.


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Thanks @, I am actually already on the most recent version though.  Here is a screen shot of what should be a blank page, as you can see from the selection pane. 

Power BI Errors.PNG



And here is another screenshot from after moving the visualizations around, showing they can be manipulated and aren't just visual artifacts.

PowerBi Error2.PNG


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