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Visualization Titles Not Displaying Properly in Safari for Mac 11.1 (using PBI Embedded)

When viewing embedded powerbi reports in Safari for Mac 11.1 the bottom of titles for chart visuals aren't 100% displaying.  For example, the bottom part of the letter "j" is not visible.  Any characters that have descending parts, such as "q y p j" have the same issue.


There's a screenshot below comparing how i see it in Safari vs. in the Desktop.  All other browsers have it render perfectly (Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Brave..) and appears to just be an issue with Sarafi.


Anything that can be done to fix this?  I thought about creating a text label but if a user goes full screen for a specific visual then they'll lose the independent text label that's created.



Status: New
Community Support

Hi @quintoncoish,


Does the same report display fine before embedding on Power BI service in Safari for Mac 11.1? 


Please upgrade the Safari browser to the latest version then test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu