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Visualization BLANK after refreshing page in Power BI service

I have several visualizations that work in desktop mode but appear blank after publishing.  These worked at one point in time but now they no longer work.  Sometimes you can see the data for a split second and then it disappears.  Or, if I close my browser and re-open the report on the web, the data shows momentarily but disappears if the page refreshes.  Everything else in the report publishes as expected.  I've tried re-creating these particular visuals multiple times but always get the same result.  This is occuring with both a line graph and KPI visual (though these work with other measures).   




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Hi @jmcosi,


From your description, it seems that the line chart and KPI visual published to the service display blank, right?


In your scenario, please try to update the Power BI desktop version to the latest version 2.44.4675.422 and republish the report to see if issue persists. How about the result when you try another browser to view report?


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Thanks for the response.  I am using the most recent version of Power BI desktop.  Unfortunately, I have the same issue whether I am viewing in Power BI service on both Chrome and Firefox.  Like I mentioned, these same isuals work for other datapoints in the same report, it's just these particular fields that seem to be causing an issue.  I still wonder if its related to the number format being a percentage.  


Thanks again.



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I'm experiencing the exact same issue you are describing. When I first publish my report to Power BI service, it works fine but as soon as I refresh my data set, the visual becomes blank.


I've tried chnging the data type (it's currently duration), but nothing seems to be working.


- morvaryt

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Sorry you are having this same issue.  I ended up discontinuing use of that particular report (due to other reasons, not the bug) so I didn't continue to pursue a solution.  Good luck with this!  I'll be following as I'm afraid I'll run into the same issue again in the future.  

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I finally was able to resolve the issue. It's probably not the best solution but it's working.


The data used for my visual had quite a few transformations (it was showing as "time," then I had to change it to "duration" with several steps to it). I eventually tried a different approach and instead of using the "duration" data type, I switched to "decimal number." My chart is working properly even after automatic refresh.


I hope this helps.

- Morvaryt

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We recently experienced a similar problem (and resolved) that began manifesting itself after adding several more dashboards/reports/datasets.  At PowerBI desktop, all works well.  Publish to web and all looks well at Next day after scheduled dataset refresh accessing the dashboards at briefly showed the dashboard and then it disappeared.  We solved the issue by increasing the DTUs (database transaction units) for the Azure DB we were querying.  Effectively, we enhanced the performance of our queries and all began working as expected.  I believe the following is what was happening.  The scheduled PowerBI dataset was failing but any error was 'eaten' and PowerBI was reporting a successful dataset refresh.  I believe the brief flash of the dashboard you are seeing is a cached version.  PowerBI correctly chooses NOT to show old data (expecting to show data after a successful refresh) and thus you see what looks like the display disappearing.  Over all of this PowerBI desktop did not run into any query problems and thus all appeared well. 


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I just finshed   refershing a data set in power bi from an SQL server source but after the refresh, some visualizations are not displaying for a particular query but when i check this query in the data section of power bi, i can see the latest data i need showing in this scetion but  in the report section of my file  it is showing as blanks. Please kindly advice on how to resolve this issue. Thanks

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Sorry I do not have a helpful answer for you as I discontinued use of the previous Power BI report and data source that caused me this same issue.

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Amole, please see my posting of 05-05-2017 12:18 PM.  The situation you describe sounds very similar.  I look forward to seeing a post soon with your resolution.