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Visual display issues following overniught service changes

We have noticed an issue with some reports following an update in the service overnight where by some visuals are no longer displaying correctly in the service. The tooltip for them shows the value but the visual is not showing despite it still looking fine in desktop. Republishing has made no difference. Has anyone else noticed any strange behaviour with the service update overnight?
The visuals in question are small stacked bar charts in this example made to look like KPI's to support dynamic filtering and drilltrhough without having to use cards and bookmarks.
Tried multiple browsers and issue persists across all of them.
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I am facing this issue POST OCTOBER 2020 latest release. Still struggling with issue and no resolution and critical business impact.


Let me know if get to know any resolution/fix

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Is correctly displayed in PowerBI Desktop but when uploaded to displays as follows:




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hello everyone,

the problems at least appears to be with the Staked Chart that have Constant lines. There is separated issue open with this topic.

It seems to be a problem with the October update...



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Hi everyone,


There are several known issues for certain situations with reference lines and start/end values set. Please check the fix next week.

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Same problem here - stacked column charts are not displaying properly. I do not have any constant lines on the charts.