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Visual Problem on Responsive Dashboard



When I publish a dashboard and any change on dimensions is produced, for example resizing the browser, the controls are printed in other places. I attach two images, if you see the "General Button" in both images, they are on different places only resizing the browser or simply opening lateral filters tab. The Y axis in all the buttons are equal. ¿Could you help to resolve this problem?.


Thanks in advance.1.JPG2.JPG  

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According to your description, do you mean that you are facing the issue that the button is disappearing differently in the service and desktop?

I’ve also made a test but I can’ reproduce the same issue:

In desktop:



In service:




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Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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In the attachments you could see "1 pixel" of difference at buttons position comparing both images. The problem can be reproduced recising the dashboard, i think that it´s a problem of the responsive visualization becasuse the "Y" axis are indetical in all the buttons but it no shows at same line in different size of the dashboard (resizing, publishing on the service or web). You could reproduce it only resizing the browser or pressing F12 and resizing the debugger box.