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Visual Displays Wrong Text when Duplicate Spelling Exists with Different Capitalization

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by peytonmcbrayer Regular Visitor on ‎09-05-2018 07:47 AM

I have a table in my import data model called Schools, that contains school information for our customers. There is a customer identifier in the table called LEA_ID. I have two customers that both have a school called "Lafayette Middle School", but one of the customers (LEA 2200870) is all capitals in my DW, and the other customer (LEA 7999979) is camel case. No matter what I've tried in the PBI visual, the all capital text is displayed for both LEAs. This is causing a lot of concern for my customer because they are looking at their school setup and their school name is not capitalized, but it shows up capitalized in all of our reports.PBI View.PNGSQL View.PNG

Status: Needs Info
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