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Visual Display Issues - 'xmvsquery.cpp'

I am creating a dashboard based off of an existing dashboard and the data associated with it. I do not have access to modify the power query. The issue I am running into is that a measure within a table in the power query is displaying data at one moment, then not displaying later. I have reached out to the database owners and they said this is a Power BI issue. The error I am getting is:


Couldn't load the data for this visual

An unexpected error occurred (file 'xmvsquery.cpp', line 3184, function 'XMVSColumn::Bind').


When this occurs, all visuals and custom measures utilizing this data breaks and either doesn't display or displays inaccurately.


I am under a deadline for this report creation and would like to know why this is occurring and how to resolve. Please let me know what we can do. Thank you.

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Community Support Team

@joreilly ,


Does the report use SSAS data source? If so, you can refer to the solution in the similar issue below:



Jimmy Tao

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Hello Jimmy,


Thank you for the response. I am not confident in my knowledge for if the data source is SSAS or not since I don’t have write access to the data, but do have write access to the power bi report.


Today, when I opened my dashboard all of my visuals were working appropriately. However, shortly after, one visual stopped working, then again soon after, both stopped working as shown below. NOTE: Both of these visuals a using the same column that appears to be causing the issue. I have blocked out confidential data with black and white boxes.


Image1: 8:57AM,  Image2: 9:55AM,  Image3: 10:25AM






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Looks like images didn't load. See below