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VSTS Rest API as Data source returning error

While placing REST API in browser, it's returning JSON content from VSTS.


But the same URL used in Power BI desktop as data source (as web) is returning error (we found an extra character in JSON while making it JSON.Document at advanced editor).


If I save the output from browser in file, then power bi can read the content as JSON. 


I am not sure what is causing the problem. is the something because of secure URL? Please guide me how to resolve this issue.  


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Could you please provide some screenshots for this issue? A sample is preferred.


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Same issue:


Query URL: -- basic return list of queries available$depth=1&api-v...


VSTS REST API query result from browser:

REST API result in browser.JPG

Power BI Get Data:

Power BI Get Data.JPG

Power BI Error:

Power BI Error.JPG




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nice that this went unanswered

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@erikskov I couldn't find exact match of your first screenshot in current version of PowerBI - do you mind specifying hiow you got to that connector? In current PowerBI you just use Web connector, and it automatically recognises JSON format. The trick is using the right authentication - you can use VSTS PAT and plug it into "WIndows" authentication as the password (leaving user name empty). Alternatively, you can use VSTS.AccountContents function to hit that URL - this will take care of the login for you. @sasmpu00 can you also make sure you are using most recent version of PowerBI and make sure you log in with PAT? I think the server is actually returning a login page to PowerBI - which is not in JSON.
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Guessing that's a change in one of the last 12 or so updates to Power BI since my post...  😛


I honestly don't remember the exact steps nor do I still have access to the original source system.


I would expect the Web Connector to allow me to hit the VSTS datasource using Organization credentials...but like I mentioned, this is 12 months old and no longer an issue/priority for me...