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Using a measure to filter a table on another measure does not work unless assigned to a variable

I think I have found a bug.
I have a slicer that will filter a table by a region's code. I have made it so that it will default to the current user's regional membership using RLS, with this measure


Region selected = SELECTEDVALUE('Region'[Code], 'RLS-filtered-table'[Code]).


I then have another measure, which uses this measure to get another column of that row


Selected group = 
var selectedRegion = [Region selected]
RETURN CALCULATE(MIN('region'[group]), FILTER('region', 'region'[Code] = selectedRegion))


Without the variable, this measure does not work. Eg. :


Selected group = 
RETURN CALCULATE(MIN('region'[group]), FILTER('region', 'region'[Code] = [Region selected]))


Is this expected behaviour? 

Status: New
Community Support



Every measure has an implicit CALCULATE that you can’t see, so measures always trigger context transition from within a row context.