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Using Timeline Slicer Custom Visual Not Working

When using the Timeline Slicer custom visual in combination with the HierarchySlicer custom visual (I am using multiple to filter a matrix), when selecting some options in the hierarchy slicer, then attempting to use the Timeline Slicer, the timeline slicer sometimes will:

- not be able to select the range selection

- select it, but not actually filter the matrix at all

- select it, and then flash alternating the selection over the entire date range back to the intended selected area continually

Status: Accepted

Hi @JonathanFischer,


The same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 79556503. Fixed version will be deployed by end of August. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Accepted

Posting reply here so I can receive updates, as I am also experiencing odd behavior with Hierarchy Slicer and selecting dates, which had worked before August 2018 update. Also downloaded latest Hierarchy Slicer version from store to be sure, but no change. Thanks.