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Using CustomData when accessing SSAS cube through enterprise gateway

Hi all,


I've been trying to use CustomData to provide the logged-in user's e-mail ID so that I could filter cube data based on that CustomData value.


The problem is that if I use CustomData then the EffectiveUsername is the OLAP Administrator (which is what is configured in the gateway's cube data source). This completely bypasses any cube security.


If, however, I use EffectiveUsername instead of CustomData, I only see the email in Profiler logs but what I see in the USERNAME field is DOMAIN\USER not the e-mail of the user accessing the cube?


Does anyone know of a way to access the logged in user's e-mail from the cube or is there any way the SSAS cube can be accessed without using an administrator account for the data source credentials?


Thanks in advance.


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As my understand your description, you want feature that allows user's email logged in power bi (something like or could access your cube (which has user role in cube such as:, Am i correct? if that, this is not a issue cause there is mapping feature that allow you configure it:



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Thanks for the reply  tringuyenminh92.



As UPN mapping is a per user & per data source mapping, this would need to be updated for each and every data source. There could be many data sources.


For example we could have: maps to ADMIN maps to MANAGER01


and so on and so forth.


Now, I have a User Dimension with an e-mail field as follows:


ADMIN's e-mail address is &

MANAGER01's e-mail address is


The only way UPN mapping would work for us is if there was a way to programmatically update the UPN mappings via a API call.


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Hi @apurohit,


yeah, Agree with your suggestion, please let PBI team know about this idea by:



The following idea should be same as you desired. Please vote it.


Best Regards,


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