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Users cannot open models in some of our apps

This just started today.  Some of our apps show models, but they will not open when clicked.  These apps and models have been stable and functional for a long time and were not updated or changed.  


Attached is a link to a snagit video of what's happening.  Video of app failure. 


I doubt I'm the only one with this problem.  Service shows no reported issues

Please let me know what's next!!


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Power BI Service is running smoothly for me. You may try to clear browser cache and get a network trace using a tool like fiddler.


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Hey, I had a similar issue - upgrading my workspace fixed it but keep in mind that the upgrade doesnt support Content Packs.


Under Advanced Settings:



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@v-chuncz-msft @ninast_ 

Let me clarify what's happening more clearly and the problem is evolving and getting worse. 

  • The Franklin:BI models app would not open model links using Edge on either of my two computers, or at our office in ME.  Same issue. It is not the only one that will not respond to clicks on links to models but some do.  (Same issue with Edge, but not Firefox)
  • Further, in Edge, when I then cleared cookies, cached images and file, download history, and browsing history the following error message appears


  • So now, I am completely unable to access the power bi service from Edge. 
  • The same thing happened in our ME office!!!
  • I do not have the option to uninstall Edge and reinstall.  I can only "repair" Edge Webview2 Runtime and Edge.  I repaired both items.  That does not fix the issue.
  • I have the option to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it--and all is well with Chrome.
  • And remember, some of our apps were just fine, at least until I cleared everything and all hell broke loose! 
  • Now nothing in power bi service is assessible using Edge.  NOTHING!!

(As an aside, we have users on the west coast today that are unable to get into to the apps at all...but I don't quite know what that situation is, so am limiting this post to this issue.)  

I think there is something seriously amiss and I am not able to fix the problem on my end.  So what's next?


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There is a related issue on the support page. You may keep an eye on the Awareness and check it later this month.

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@v-chuncz-msft  Thank you.  I've upgraded all our workspaces to V2 and things are working fine.