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User's visualization error - DirectQuery for Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services

Hi everyone,

     I'm trying to use the feature "DirectQuery for Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services", but I'm having some issues with the user's visualization.

     I have a Power BI Dataset published in a premium workspace and I'm developing a new report connected to that. To create some dynamic measures I had to add some auxiliaries tables using the Enter Data tool and how I didn't want to modify my dataset I allowed the new feature "DirectQuery for Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services" and added the tables just in the report. I finished my report, published it, shared it, and added the users in the dataset's RLS, but when the users try to access the report all visuals get the error "Could not retrieve data for this visual. Try again later.".

     Can someone help me, please?


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You may check Considerations and limitations section and keep an eye on the Awareness.

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I am getting the same errors, Microsft can you clarify if it is a supported scenario or not, I am defining RLS at the local Model and getting data from a remove PowerBI dataset using directQuery

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In the link below I found the solution for me. I guess that will work for you too:


Behavior to note[...]

  • Users need ‘Build’ permissions on all datasets in the chain to access a report that leverages this feature.[...]


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Hi, I', having the same problem. 

I have a report published in my department workspace that is based in a dataset from another workspace. Everybody can acess it without problem. 


But, I created another one(based in the same dateset related above) that mix external data (Excel etc) that are in our sharepoint as a composite model, because we need more details/criterios. I published that report in our workspace but the some people who can use the report cited above can't see this new one, while another ones can. I don't know how to fix it!


Can someone help me?