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Usage report not including all reports

I have tried creating a usage report several times, each time it only includes usage for some of the reports.  If I create the report off of several of my existing reports it works fine, and I can open up the filter to show multiple reports.  But only 3 of my 6 reports show up in the filter options.  If i create the usage report off of one of the 3 reports which does not show up the report shows no data. 


All reports are actively used daily. All were created by me with Pro license.  All reports are in the same workspace.


I have tried creating the report from the Icon on the report from the list of reports, and from the icon once i am in the report.






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Hi @dmccall


Please communicate with the uses to check if they have following issues that can prevent Telemetry data being sent to Microsoft from their Report/Dashboard users:

  • The client of the Report/Dashboard user is using an ad-blocker
  • Firewall rules on their network are restricting access to
  • For mobile clients only: The Power BI app does not have "Allow Microsoft to collect anonymous usage data" enabled
  • Browser crashes, application suspensions, or network interruptions within the window of the missing data

Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Helo Qiuyun Yu.


Thanks for the response.  I dont think any of those are in play.  The same users access all the reports.  For some reports I get valid and reasonable usage, for other reports I get nothing.  When viewing the report in the editor, the list of reports (which are normaly filtered for the one report) do not even include these in the list.  I have personaly accessed all the reports from a variety of computers and mobile devices, both from behind our corporate firewall and at my home to remove these factors.  Still no usage at all on certain reports.