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Usage metrics not wroking 2019 July

Hi there


I have noticed Usage Metrics  are not updating recently.

It might have something to do with new wrokspace.




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I have also noticed that my usage metrics have not updated since last Friday (June 28th)

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Hi all,


This is the same for me (France) it does not work.

Is someone as any update about this problem ?





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Same issue here too, old workspaces seem to continue to display expected usage whilst new workspaces do not show confirmed usage.




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Hi all, 


Do you mean the issue happen with Usage Metrics in Power BI Admin portal? 



If it is, the same issue has been reported internally: CRI 128743386. Please revisit the admin usage metrics tab in the admin portal. This should cause the dashboard to reinitialize and the issue should be resolved. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Qiuyun Yu,


On my side the issue is on this part below.


Is it the same for others ? And also when I come on the admin portal i don't have many option (only capacity setting).


Thanks a lot for your support,


Have a nice day,




Capture 3.PNG

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft 


For me the issue is not in the admin portal. It is with the usage metrics associated with reports/dashboards within a workspace.

It seems to be because these metrics now have a default filter applied to the DashboardGuid when created, previously they did not.


Kind regards


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To note you should be able to work round this by saving a copy of the usage metrics report to the workspace then editing the report and removing the filter. Hopefully this default filter is removed from the metrics reports in the future.


Hope this helps




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Hello @Anonymous ,


Thanks for your help! Unfortuntly it does not work for me. In fact, only "my views" appear (and I know other poeple have seen it...). More over now I have this error message ...


Thansk for your help, I really appreciate !


Have a nice day,




Capture 2.png

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there are a few issues with Usage Metrics. 

1.Usage metrics for each App is not updated anymore.

It only shows developer access through worksapace.


I assume new work space has something to do with this. I have tried to update some old worksapace apps to new work space by unpublishing and publishing App.


I think their data modling is not correct. there is a blank GUID when you save usage metric report and look at report level filter as shown below.




let me know your solution can create a usage metric report by clicking on the sign. if you delete that report, you get error mesassage when you want to see usage metric.

I have tried unpublish and publishing report. It is not working


let me know your solution



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Hi there-


I believe I am having the same issue.


I initially had a report that I gave specific users access to and the usage metrics report was working fine. Then, I updated it so that I shared the report with the entire app, and now my usage metrics report is not updating with the new viewers. I know that people from the app have viewed the report, but it is not showing any new users since 6/28/2019.


This morning, I removed the specific users' access. Is there something else I should do so that I can see my app viewers?