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Usage Metrics Report not refreshing / updating

Hello.. I am facing a problem that our usage metrics report aren't updating/refreshing since last July 6th 2020.
This problem is occurring throughtout all of the reports of the workspace of the organization I work in.

If it helps, I am located in Brazil.


Could any one help me out?


Thanks in advance!

Rafael Rusth.

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I cannot reproduce the issue. You may keep an eye on the Awareness and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.


New Member


Thanks for the tip.. 
We are still having the problem.. I've created a support ticket as you've suggested, number 120071324001184.

I hope everything can be sorted out soon!

Rafael Rusth.

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I've been facing the same issue, it stopped recording metrics during one week. Then restarted.

Last week it recorded metrics only after Monday. (Monday was blank)

This week's metrics is also missing Monday's values.

Is the service recovering from weekend's night out? (Kidding)


Rui Freitas