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Unsuccessful refresh



I am having problem with data refresh in PBI in last few days, is there anyone, who could helps me with my problem?



- I have around 20 tables (19 tables are loaded from database, 1 table is loaded from file)

- I have around 15M rows, each table has around 10-15 columns

- In each table we have around 2-3 counted values (which simply can't be measures)

- Data model (.pbix file) has around 0,5GB

- I set up classic gateway (not the personal mode), but I also tried personal gateway

- Gateway is installed on server with 32GB RAM



- When I am trying to refresh data, I get errors - mostly "out of memory" errors, I also get "internal error" and also "cancelled by user" even I didnt stop the data refresh

- When I was looking on the server during the data refresh, in RAM is around 6-7GB (around 20% of RAM), processor is working on maximally 10% of its performance.

- When I manually refresh data, PBI acts wierdly. After few minutes I can see in the left menu that refresh is successfully completed, but when I get into "sheduled refresh" menu, where is detail about refresh, I can see there "still refreshing". After next few minutes I see in this detail and also in the left menu that refresh was unsuccessfull due to those errors (most of times I get Out of momery error😞


1) Out of memory:

Poslední neúspěšná aktualizace: Fri Feb 02 2018 12:10:02 GMT+0100 (Střední Evropa (běžný čas)) 
Při zpracování dat v datové sadě došlo k chybě.
Skrýt podrobnosti

Chyba zpracování:There's not enough memory to complete this operation. Please try again later when there may be more memory available.
ID aktivity:4362e075-c512-4e03-b7d5-f1d9e62138d1
ID žádosti:ad312fb5-3f66-4f57-af93-12c85304d828
Čas:2018-02-02 11:10:02Z


2) Cancelled by user (what is wierd, because I didnt do anything):

Poslední neúspěšná aktualizace: Fri Feb 02 2018 13:16:43 GMT+0100 (Střední Evropa (běžný čas)) 
Při zpracování dat v datové sadě došlo k chybě.
Skrýt podrobnosti

Chyba zpracování:The operation was cancelled by the user.
ID aktivity:70e99385-5a48-42c5-b8c0-30a9bc760209
ID žádosti:6f6f7f8a-e52a-0839-01f3-e3d8bde0ac41
Čas:2018-02-02 12:16:43Z


3) Internal error

[I cant see detail of error now]


What I already found

- I already set in my model bigger Data Cache Management Option to 24488 MB

- I already unset in my model paralel loading of tables

- I already unset downloading data preview on background

- I also found how to possibly optimize datamodel for memory, but since I dont have problem with RAM, I dont really understand this problem.


Can anybody explain me the problem and help me with some solution?


Thank you.

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Community Support

Hi @janschovanek,


Regarding this issue, I would suggest you contact Microsoft via creating a support ticket to get dedicated support. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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