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Unreliable Refresh (Azure Blob + high volume data)


we have a little issue with refreshing our report in PBI service that is connected to CSV files at Azure Blob Storage. Scheduled (or manual) refresh works but is highly unreliable. As you can see on my screenshots, sometimes refresh is successful, sometimes it isnt. Even error messages vary. Sometimes its "internal error", sometimes it reports error in datasets, however each time message points to different table and when I look at it in PBI desktop, there is no error. Dataset is still the same, just every day some new records are added. Dataset size is something around 700 MB. But with limit at 1 GB per dataset in PBI service I would expect to refresh works reliably... refreshFail.PNG






Thx for any reponse,

Jirka Široký




Status: New

Hi @jiri_siroky,


In your scenario, I would suggest you only import useful data for visuals to reduce data, then republish to Power BI service and refresh again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Helper I

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft,


I understand your suggestion, but I need all data I am currently using. Its a lot of them as its nearly transactions data (its record of users behaviors on web) and it cannt be easily aggregated as I analyze them from different perspectives.


However this actualy doesnt matter much. PowerBI promises the capacity to 1GB of data, but what's the point if it is not possible to reliably refresh them?



Jirka Široký

Helper I

I've been playing with Power BI and loading CSVs on Blob storage - it's really flakey to the point that it's broken.... Really unfortunate, I thought it would work smoothly but not yet and as I've found out, not for some time.... to the point it probably won't be fixed....