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Ungrouping Visuals

Ungrouping objects on the page causes them to be scattered throughout the "Selection" pane, in what appears to be an every-other-item fashion.  Occassionally, I want to ungroup items, do something to items in the group, and then regroup them.  However, with this bug/behavior, I'm forced to re-sort page objects each time I ungroup them.

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Hi @ryan0585


I'm not very clear about the issue. Please share some screenshots to clarify the issue. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate I

Here's a before and after example.  The order of the ungrouped elements (i.e. the placement in the selection pane) is random each time the elements are ungrouped.  What exacerbates this issue is one I reported a few months ago that still hasn't been implemented.  You used to be able to Ctrl + click multiple items in the Selection pane and move them up/down in the sort order together.  You can no longer do that (only the last clicked item is moved), so you have to individually resort the individual items together.


To repro:

1) Open Power BI

2) Load data to the model

3) Add several elements to the page

4) Open the "Selection" pane and sort the page elements appropriately, with the items you'd like to group at the top of the sort order

5) Take a screenshot of that sort order

6) In the canvas, select the items you'd like to group with Ctrl + click

7) Right click one of those items and select "Group" > "Group"

😎Expand the "Group 1" group in the Selection pane and take a screen shot of that sort order

9) Right click "Group 1" and select "Group" > "Ungroup"

10) Compare the resulting element order in the Selection pane to the sort order screenshot taken in step 5


After this, you should see:

1) The screenshot in #5 doesn't match what results after step 10

2) The individual elements in step 10 are "in order" but not consecutively grouped


I would expect the items would be grouped together (consecutively) at the same position in the list "Group 1" existed.  So, if "Group 1" was the top item in the list, I would expect ungrouped items that used to comprise "Group 1" would be sorted consecutively at the top of the list.



1) Grouped items in the selection pane before ungrouping

2) Ungrouped items in the selection page after ungrouping

3) Where I would have expected the ungrouped items to be placed in the Selection pane


Photo 1: Grouped (before)

PBI Before (Grouped).PNGBefore (Grouped)


Photo 2: Ungrouped (after)

PBI After (Ungrouped).PNGAfter (ungrouped)


Photo 3: Expected Ungrouped

PBI Expected After (Ungrouped).PNG