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Unexpected error - line 3180 - another operation in the transaction failed

I tried to create a unique id (number) per record, but it failed for some interesting reason :). I know VAR t1 is a different table and after correcting to the same as a1 it works. But I expected my lines to return blank due to the filter in VAR t3 instead of returning an error :). 



Status: New

Hi @DouweMeer


Please share pbix file with us. You can remove sensitive data in the report, upload the report to your OneDrive and paste the share link here. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu



Wish I could. First of all, the whole dataset is one big sensitive dataset :). Second of all, I have a funtionality to send you this file. Those possibilities have been restricted. 

What I could do, is show the issue via a 1 on 1.