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Undo Dashboard Changes in Power BI

How does a user undo a mistake in Power BI when working iwth a dashboard (or any visual within POwer BI)? 




USER: Oops I accidnetally dragged the tile border to far and everything on my Dashboard is out of place now, where is teh undo because pressi g CTL+Z does not undo this?


ME(Power BI Designer): Thats a really good question. 


Yes they can manually resize everything and try to put it back but that answer will be followed with the statement

"You must be joking! Undo has been a key part of Windows based applications for decades but now its no longer an included piece of functionality. Does it require some advanced PRO version license upgrade or something to get it back?"


I understand the limitaions of Web based design but user mistakes aka the "ooops" moment needs to be a key part of any application design. 

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