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Unable to use June Update due to window size issues

Installed PBI Desktop June Update on an Ultrabook.


Used it to create a demo dashboard. -OK.


Happened to close the lid of the docked Ultrabook, which triggers a change in Screen size due to the larger monitorthence being the only monitor ( Win 8.1).


PBI has recorded both screen sizes, and flips between the 2 with every mouseclick.


When the Ultrabook is undocked, I can't click on the Visualizations or Fields tab, as it gets covered up by the Filters tab of the larger screen size.


So PBI Desktop is unusable. Can't reload PBI due to CDE lockdown. Please advise whether reloading is likely to fix this, or is there a config file or registry entry I can delete to fix this.


Some PBI UI developer appears to have stored the Global Variables locally and is overwriting them. This bad practice  once led to a massive Privacy breach on  CRM I worked on.

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Community Support

Hi @Anonymous, 


Please check if the machine meets the minimum requirements:


Please update Power BI desktop to the latest version 2.71.5523.821 then test again. 


If the issue still occurs, please create a support ticket to let engineers look into the issue on your side.

Support Ticket.gif



Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi Qiuyun Yu,


The  problem has fixed itself!


I have an  i5, 8Gb, 1920x1080 Ultrabook.




Geoff Speedy