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Unable to start power bi desktop

Below is the error message. Could you please advise how to fix this?


We weren't able to connect to the model.

Expression should be true.
Parameter name: this.DynamicPort > 0

at Microsoft.Mashup.Host.Document.ExceptionExtensions.GetCurrentInvocationStackTrace()
at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.UI.Shared.FeedbackErrorInfo.GetFeedbackValuesFromException(Exception e, String prefix)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.UI.Shared.FeedbackErrorInfo.GetFeedbackValuesFromInnerExceptions(Exception e, Int32 depth)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.UI.Shared.FeedbackErrorInfo.CreateAdditionalErrorInfo(Exception e)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.UI.Shared.FeedbackErrorInfo..ctor(String message, Exception exception, Nullable`1 stackTraceInfo, String messageDetail)
at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.Telemetry.PowerBIUserFeedbackServices.ReportException(IWindowHandle activeWindow, IUIHost uiHost, FeedbackPackageInfo feedbackPackageInfo, Exception e, Boolean useGDICapture)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.UI.Shared.UnexpectedExceptionHandler.<>c__DisplayClass14_0.<HandleException>b__0()
at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.UI.Shared.UnexpectedExceptionHandler.HandleException(Exception e)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Host.Document.ExceptionHandlerExtensions.HandleExceptions(IExceptionHandler exceptionHandler, Action action)
at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Program.Main(String[] args)


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Please check if your machine meets the requirements listed here

Also please follow this document to troubleshoot the issue. 


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Qiuyun Yu

New Member

Thanks for the comment.


Only recently i started getting this error message. I was using power BI before. Yes, my system meets the requirements for power BI. Also, i followed the document in the below link to troubleshoot. Still i could not resolve it. Also, i have been trying different things such as re-installing power bi, windows update etc..Nothing seems to be working. I dont how i can fix this. I am in the mid of doing an online course on power BI. Now i am stucked as i cant use power BI for self learning. Is there any thing i can do to fix this. Any help would be grealty appreciated