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Unable to see export data option if not a workspace admin/Member

When sharing access to a report in our Premium capacity, users are unable to see the "export data" option.  It's only visible to workspace admins and workspace members.  This appears to have happened recently.  Anyone experiencing the same?


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We have the same issue and we figured out why - it is because the users doesnot have build access to the dataset; when the build access to the dataset is granted; the export data is visible.


But we are still not clear how are they both dependent; we have a support ticket open.

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thank you @Anonymous - You are right.  This only appears to be the case when using SQL data import method where users are not being added to build.  In other cases, It appears users are automatically being added to build access.  Have you noticed the same?  Is this a recent change you have noticed?

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Yes, we are seeing this from last 2 weeks, when they added a new option to grant build access while sharing the report.


Until they fix or come up with a solution, may be you can grant build access. thats what we are doing right now.

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Hi all, 


From this document, you can see: 


"The option to export the data requires a Pro or Premium license and edit permissions to the dataset and report."


When we share the reports /dashboards, there is an option "Allow users to build new content using the underlying datasets", if we don't check this option when sharing, we need to go to the Manage Permissions section of the related dataset then grant the build permission follow this document:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Thank you, this is very helpful.



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Can I clarify when and why the change has been made? This is a substantial change and I have a nuumber of end users who I'm happy to allow to export data but would not want to be able to edit the report. If i don't want them to be able to export I can use the controls in report settings, which have become slightly pointless with this change.