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Unable to scroll a table in the iOS PowerBI app

Starting a couple of days ago users began reporting that they are suddenly unable to scroll a table in the iOS PowerBI app.


They are all updated to that latest version.


Any idea what might be going on?

Status: New

Hi @mshuler


Would you please clarify the "suddenly unable to scroll a table"? Does it mean there is no scroll bar or scroll bar is not working? Would you please share a screenshot if possible? Please mask sensitive data before uploading. 


The latest Power BI mobile app iOS version is 18.3, do you mean the issue happens in this version? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 



New Member

We could see the scroll bars, but could not scroll.


I ended up resolving this by editing the report removing the table, adding the table back, and re publishing it.


After that, scrolling capability was restored.