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Unable to save Dataflow

Hi, is it just me or are anyone else having trouble saving new Dataflows?


No matter what I try i can't save updated versions of existing dataflows or create new ones. I have tried a lot of options (read: sources) in many different workspaces with no sucess.


Everything is OK until I klick the Save button (after creating the query) then the system reports "Something went wrong" with no other indication on the root cause.


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Aktivitets-ID: e16e82ff-3aa9-4a07-803c-05a1be7dedba
Forespørsels-ID: be4b1a12-4639-67ba-9e83-e49e75a1658f
Korrelasjons-ID: 86555490-c82b-2ba3-624d-96bc6e8f196b
Statuskode: 400
Klokkeslett: Mon Dec 10 2018 10:57:24 GMT+0100 (sentraleuropeisk normaltid)
Versjon: 13.0.7611.194


Pls advice.



Trond Erik



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Community Support

Hi @tebones,


I would suggest you create a support ticket to let engineers look into the issue on your side. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Same here

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Hello @tebones @michaelshparber @v-qiuyu-msft ,

I found a solution yesterday and it fixed the problem, Power BI Dataflows wouldn't let me save and it wasn't throwing meaningful errors, I observed that it would let me save the dataflow if I stripped it down to just one column, which means that the error is within the data, so I started to eliminate columns until I narrowed it down to a couple columns, I found that the column headers, on the columns that were giving me trouble, had carriage returns in the headers in excel, making them two rows instead of one. In Power BI Desktop this isn't an issue; however, PBI Dataflows don't allow for this and don't show a specific error for it, it just won't let you save the dataflow. All I had to do to fix the issue was rename the columns in the Query Editor. It could also be fixed in excel if you see headers that have a return in them, you could just remove the return and make sure the header text is all on the same line without typed in returns. This might not be the exact same issue for y'all, but it could be very similar.








Best regards,


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I have problems too with this. Please fix it soon!

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Im having lots of issues with flow... Operation could not complete because a newer version of this dataflow was saved since you started editing.


And it constantly errors. It doesnt seem fit for purpose yet to me.


Im using an Adventureworks data base just to test and I added a fact table and it really didnt like it.


I dont understand the error above because Im trying to save the only open workflow

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Same error message here. 


It seems a lot of error is indicating that Power BI Desktop and Service process the power query differently whereas most of the users expect they should perform the same, or at least throw back some error messages that can be helpful in troubleshooting. Unfortunately, the error messages returned seem to be clueless to most users. 


Some examples of power queries processed differently in desktop and service: 


Parsing Date, Datetime columns --> Sometimes will be affected by the region/language/timezone setting in Power BI Service (default US)

Column heading parsing --> Exactly like the comment above, desktop is fine with multi line column heading whereas service cannot handle it. 


It will be appreciated if documentation of the behaviour difference between desktop and service can be provided. 



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Same error here!!!


any update on this issue?

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As general statment (and this is someting that address to the MS support team) some of the errors message we are getting are very general and not providing enogh detail for the real error.

Most of the time I found myself trying to understand WHAT is the error instead HOW to fix it.