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Unable to render paginated reports with optional (blank) Parameters

As of yesterday Dec 7th, users are unable to execute pagination reports in the Power BI service and receive an error saying parameter values have not been specified for optional (allow blank) parameters.  There are no hidden parameters.


Multiple reports across multiple Workspaces are impacted and no changes have been made to the reports.  Re-uploading one of the reports using Report Builder makes no difference - the error still shows:


Unable to render paginated report

One or more parameters required to run the report have not been specified. The parameter(s) "OrderNumber", "Surname", "Firstname" has missing values.

Status code: 200

Time: Tue Dec 08 2020 09:44:36 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


Region is Australia South Eastern (Melbourne) and Microsoft support have so far been unresponsive.


Anyone else having this issue?


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The Report Builder version 15.6.01340.0002 works fine for me. This might be a temporary issue. If it persists, just create a support ticket for assistance. 


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Looks like our region got the same issue / update today (nothing announced I could see). The empty parameter is now being treated as a null so I just added null as allowed and handled with isnull in code. Have only checked sql ones so far and will move on to paginated reports based in dax next but the fix is similar. been a busy morning.


Just to clarify, locally the old method still works in paginated report builder, it is just the Power BI Service is handling it as null rather than an empty string.

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Hi, we've started seeing this issue since this morning (UK-Ireland),

our Service version13.0.14905.74
Client version2011.5.04066-train.

We have too many Paginated reports to make these changes manually, will raise an issue wih MS wait for update before making any changes.

Please post here if you come across any updates, will do the same, thanks.


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Among other Recent Paginated Report issues this another one we are facing. Reports that worked fine last week are failing for missing parameters. Same exact report works fine in report builder, but once in the Service has issues.

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@datahawk / @bizwiz did you recently update your Gateway to the November release. We've had several recent issues around Paginated reports in the service and from other threads that may be the root cause.

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We've had different issues because of recent Gateway updates which forced us to rollback to prev version of gateway, which seem to have resolved our older, non related issues.

This paginated reports optional parameters issue started just today.

One workaround by another colleague of mine was to supply a default value (% or equivalent) for each of optional parameter. This works if your where clause is using LIKE (i.e match pattern) comparator. haven't tested with differnet databases or =, >=,etc comparators.

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Thanks @bizwiz , We ended up reverting back to the September Gateway. It fixed our other issues with reports not being able to render, but we still have the same optional parameter issue so yeah it's a recent issue we're facing as well. Unfortunelty we've been having multiple issues with Paginated Reports and seems to keep happening. Not the best experience.

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Reporting in from the US East ... This issue hit our service around 12-9-2020. All of the optional parameters are now giving us trouble. I fixed this issue by supplying a one space default value and then using an expression to handle the logic I needed. @bizwiz mentions a similar idea. But I don't see how to get around having to do something similar for a bunch of other paginated reports. 

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The following approach works for me:

1. Go to the Default Value tab of the parameter.

2. Use an empty expression to give it a default blank value.


It works fine now.

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Hi everyone,


That's a known issue and will be investigated for a fix soon.