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Unable to render paginated report

When trying to access the paged reports the error message is displayed:    


    Unable to render paginated report        

        This report can't be viewed in its current state. Please delete this report and upload a new version to resolve this issue.


Were there any changes to the Power BI service that invalidated published paginated reports?




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Community Support

@gpaulocorrea ,


Make sure power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version. Also check the limitations below:

  • Pinning report pages or visuals to Power BI dashboards. You can still pin visualizations to a Power BI dashboard from an on-premises paginated report on a Power BI Report Server or Reporting Services report server. See Pin Reporting Services items to Power BI dashboards for more information.
  • Document Maps.
  • Drillthrough reports. Consider using URL parameters with paginated reports for drillthrough scenarios.
  • Shared data sources and shared datasets. 


Jimmy Tao

New Member

Hi @v-yuta-msft ,

Thanks for the feedback.

The problem happens with a previously published paginated report that worked correctly. It has not been republished and has stopped working.
After republishing the report with the new version of Power BI Report Builder it went back to work.

My question is why it stopped working under these conditions.


Paulo Corrêa