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Unable to refresh dataset in Power BI Online

I am unable to refresh the dataset in Power BI Online. The following error pops up everytime. 


Data source error: An error happened while reading data from the provider: 'Internal error AINotAllowedInSharedException.'. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 06314bfc-77f9-4d32-b3eb-288f762fa302
Request ID: 601886e5-0113-9e21-532d-f2fa1486fe95
Time: 2021-06-18 16:56:10Z


However , when I refresh in Power BI Desktop there is no issue.

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if you are using Fuzzy Match in the Merge Queries?

what is your data source in this report?


also try to re-edit the credential in the dataset setting in power bi service and you can check and guarantee the Privacy level of the dataset in your Service to keep the same as the Privacy level in the desktop.




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Hi, my data source are different SharePoint folders that contain some excel files.


And I am using text analytics feature in pro to get keywords. So that is where I am using the AI functions. It would be great if you could share why am I getting the error when I refresh the dataset in power BI Online.

Because when I perform the refresh in Power BI Desktop, there is no such error.

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for sharepoint as datasource, please have a look this:

Refresh fails when updating data from sources that use AAD OAuth

The Azure Active Directory (AAD) OAuth token, used by many different data sources, expires in approximately one hour. You can run into situations where loading data takes longer than the token expiration (more than one hour), since the Power BI service waits for up to two hours when loading data. In that situation, the data loading process can fail with a credentials error.

Data sources that use AAD OAuth include Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnlineSharePoint Online (SPO), and others. If you’re connecting to such data sources, and get a credentials failure when loading data takes more than an hour, this may be the reason.

Microsoft is investigating a solution that allows the data loading process to refresh the token and continue. However, if your Dynamics CRM Online or SharePoint Online instance (or other AAD OAuth data source) is so large that it can run into the two-hour data-load threshold, you may experience a data load timeout from the Power BI service as well.

Also note that, for refresh to work properly, when connecting to a SharePoint Online data source using AAD OAuth, you must use the same account that you use to sign in to the Power BI service.




try to filter your dataset to reduce the size of dataset to have a test.





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Hi, my dataset isn't that big, when I refresh it in Power BI Desktop it takes around 1-1.5 minutes to refresh it. So that isn't a problem at all.  The error says that "Internal error AI Not Allowed In Shared Exception. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. " 


So AI is not allowed in shared exception is what I get from the error.  I haven't shared the report with anyone and I am also the owner of the sharepoint site which is the data source. It would be great if you could help me resolve this issue. 


Also please find below a screenshot of the error for reference.

Screenshot 2021-06-27 170611.jpg

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Were you ever able to resolve this error? I'm having the same problem.