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Unable to publish/update apps

I'm unable to successfully update/publish any apps in our tenant. Everything behaves as usual, but after clicking update, the "Publishing app" in progress indicator just spins.. I've attempted in multiple browsers and tested from different IPs with different accounts but no success. I am able to see changes I make to reports in the app after updating, but end users are not. Strangely, end users have indicated that these changes are visible for a moment but quickly revert back to their pre-update state. I had the end users try different browsers and clear caches, etc,. but same results.


Example screenshot below shows the first minute after clicking 'Update', but it's still "Publishing" as I post this over an hour later. 


Misc. Details

Region: North Central

Premium capacity: No



App Update Hangs.gif

Status: New
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So, I just got Navigation Builder, and now I can update apps again!!! Yay!

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Same here.... following this

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@freder1ck  what did you do to get navigation builder?

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I am having the same problem. I have reports that have been published. When I click on Update App, it keeps spinning endlessly with the message, "Publishing app." . Please look into the issue.



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I've been having the same issue. What seemed to work as a workaround was to unpublish the app and the publish it again.

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Issue still persists here (Netherlands). Any update on a fix?

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Having the same issue here (UK South London).


Apps appear to have been updated with the data and the date has updated on the app button but still have the "Publishing app" banner three hours after updating...

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@jvasili: to get Navigation Builder, I waited. Expected rollout for everybody is by May 25th.

(by the way, it is AMAZING, well worth the wait!)


@KellyM 's issue is not the same as what others in this thread have mentioned. That's the UI issue (which MS has mentioned), which wouldn't concern me as much as the issue of the app not actually updating. If anybody is still having this issue and has Pro or better, I'd recommend putting in a ticket with support. 

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I'm having the same problem. It says apps was published but then when open the app page it doesn't show up... 





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I am working on a Power BI dashboard that pulls a years worth of data - to navigate the order status on the dashboard. Because they are millions of rows - i am using a direct query. For now am using a report level filter to filter out the order no i am looking for. The sql query used to build this dashboard is a scheduling query in the repository that gets updated in every 15 minutes.

Right now, because am using direct query - report level filter  on order number - everytime when someone types the order number - it pulls all the data in the database and then filters it on the order number and shows me the result. Is there any other alternative where it doesn't have to keep pulling the years worth of data? Is there a way to pass a parameter on the order number? Does direct query in power bi allows you to pass parameters? If so, how?