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Unable to open document; we weren't able to restore saved database to the model



I have just installed the Feb 2018 update for Power Bi and i am no longer able to open any .pbix files. I recieve the message; 


Unable to open document; we weren't able to restore saved database to the model


There is a current forum open -


I have followed some previous blogs of uninstalling/reinstalling, and the error still remains. Can anyone help please?



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Same Issue Here - The PBIX File is fine! Luckily the January Install was still in my Downloads folder and the file opens fine in the January Version which I'll have to stay with until this is fixed! Thank You!

Removing any ampersands (&) from the folder path fixed it for me.


I can reproduce the issue too - file on my desktop - opens fine.  Copy that same file to a folder on my desktop named 'Things & Stuff', & now it gives the error message.  Take it out - opens fine again.


Though for one who say - saves things on a company shared drive named "Reports & Operations" or something like that, this would be a much harder issue to deal with.  Seemingly if an ampersand is *anywhere* in the file path, this issue crops up.



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Hi All,


This is a known issue. Please refer to the support page for workaround. The related ICM ID is CRI 59287790.



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Power BI Team

This should be fixed with the latest update. Get new version from Download center or update from Microsoft Store.



Alex Gorev


Please update from the latest download or better yet just restart your Windows Store version of Power BI Desktop

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