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Unable to open PBIX models after Desktop February update


I just updated the new PBI Desktop February version on my personal PC & on the server where we have the on-premises gateway, and in both cases, PBI Desktop refuses to open some of our pbix models, which were opened perfectly just an hour ago. The message I get is:


      "We weren't able to connect to the model"


These models continue working when oppened with Online Services and the previous January Desktop version (on another PC).

I tried to update the PBI Gateway, but this didn't change anything.


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vrs Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor



I'm dealing with the same problem. (Desktop Updates becomes too unstable )


Tried to get back models from the service but still have same error message.


Any ideas ?!

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Hi @vrs,

I understood the problem - in fact it is explained in the PBI Status page:


We are experiencing a temporary issue where users are unable to open pbix files in February version of Power BI Desktop. Users are unable to open pbix files with the special characters (", ', <, >, and &) in the file name. As a workaround, rename the file and make sure it’s in a directory without special characters. Engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Next Update @02/07/2018 17:00 UTC


You need just to change the name of your files - not great if you published them already, but a shortcut to avoid being blocked.


vrs Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Hi @Dimitar


Thanks fro your quick reply. In fact, some report names contain a special character, I tried to rename the file to "test" , but still have the error message :s

vrs Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

found a way to open my pbix ! Hopefully, I have a dev version that I renamed on the service then I get it back on prem. Thanks 


Community Support Team

Hi All,


This is a known issue. Please refer to the support page for workaround. The related ICM ID is CRI 59287790.



Best Regards,


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