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Unable to load model

I have couple of datasets/reports/dashbaords all published from Desktop for my experiment purpose. Data source is all local file.


Until couple of month back, they were all working fine if I remember but now, whenever I try to see reports/datasets, it throws me an error saying 'Something went wrong - unable to load model'. It even doesn't let me remove/rename files. I talked to my admin and seems all other users have same issues.


Also oddly, even if they made me admin, once I could see 'Amin Panel' in the gear menu but after 10 mins or so it disappeared and never been there anymore.


I have another account under the different domain and it works fine.


Anyway to make it work again?

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I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page).

If issue is resolved, you can share the solution here later to help others who have the same problem.


Support Ticket.gif


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Sorry for delay and thanks @v-haibl-msft.


Will do and post back once gets sorted.


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Status changed to: Delivered