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Unable to import card browser visual on apps.powerbi(Web version of Power BI)



I'm unable to import the card browser visual on Web version of Power BI. I have used this visual on my desktop Power BI and when I publish it to web I can not see any visual.


I have tried to import from store and also as a downloaded file on local machine and it does not work. It says that its importing and then nothing happens.


This particular custom visual is published by Microsoft and I hope I can get some help here. Any help is much appreciated. 


Here is the link of the custom visual I'm trying to import:


Thank you.


Status: Accepted

Hi Sunaina,


I have reported this issue to the Product Team: CRI 51916226. I will update here in time.


Best Regards!


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Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @Sunaina,


Please check it again in about 6 to 9 days. The issue should be fixed by then. Thank you for your patience.


Best Regards!