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Unable to hide Visual Level Filters from "New Filter Experience"

Visual Level Filters are always displayed on the new filter experience tab after publishing to web, even though the filters are set to hidden in Power BI Desktop.


Power BI Service point of view:


Power BI Desktop point of view:



Update (2019-04-10):

This bug still persists with the April Power BI Destktop Update.


Update (2019-05-16):

It is possible to hide visual level filters now, but visual level filters are displayed by default which can get really tedious when having to hide them every time we add a new column to a table (f.e.). Would it be possible to have them be hidden by default like it was up to this point?

Status: Accepted
Regular Visitor

Realized this same issue. Really need this to be fixed as my page already has a lot of filters. 

Advocate I

I have the same issue. Even if I edit and save the report in Service I cannot get the filter cards to not show on the filter pane. 

Advocate I

This issue really ought to be considered critical since there is no way to work out of it. Our end users are impacted.


Hi @Anonymous ,


I have reported this issue internally, CRI: 114642255. Would update here once I get any response.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Status changed to: Accepted
Frequent Visitor

This issue is critical, as there's no way that we can circumvent this. Please consider a emergency fix asap.



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This bug still persists with the April Power BI Destktop Update.

Helper I

Looking at this in the new April update on desktop, it looks like with the move to the new filter pane (and the removal of the old filter view) all of the visual level filter fields seem to have been turned to "visible" even if they were not previously.


EDIT - Ignore this. I just did a test run on desktop, April update, hiding visual level fields in the new filter pane and they still seem to be visible when published to service.

Regular Visitor

Feel like this would be a relatively easy fix since its on the server side??? Or we going to have to wait a whole month again? Like many said before this is very critical as my customers are getting confused with all the filters. Needs to be fixed asap

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Hello @v-yulgu-msft  ,

Considering this month's update didn't fix this bug is there any of making this bug critical or raising the priority level? The bug seems incredibly impactful.