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Unable to export report to pbix file

  • Activity ID4acbe79f-1968-47bb-ba48-fee19a11f2f9
  • Request IDc8957167-c4d9-0a77-8a2a-86b8b1c6b607
  • Correlation IDa75163b6-80d9-15fe-dfc4-a7fea002efbd
  • Status code500
  • TimeTue Jan 12 2021 13:34:31 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Service version13.0.15255.25
  • Client version2101.3.04427-train
  • Cluster URI

I am trying to generate a pbix file from a report on the powerbi service. After spinning for a minute or so, it shows a message saying that it "cant export to pbix format". I have tried both edge and chrome, as well as updating my browser, clearing my cache, and copying the report within the powerbi service and downloading the copy. No luck. My coworkers get similar results. Other reports download and export just fine, only this one has issues. The file size is 8mb.



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Community Support

hi  @samvimes 

IF you could export other reports from other workspace?

and also if it is a documented limitation with using Large Dataset (Premium Files):
Large datasets in Power BI Premium - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


Download to Power BI Desktop: If a dataset is stored on Premium Files, downloading as a .pbix file will fail.





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