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Unable to export 'Data with current layout'

I have a user with an export issue that occurs with a table in our report.

Clicking the three dots > Export data > Data with current layout > Export, the client finds that although the 'Exporting data' popup appears, the process quickly fails with 'File couldn't be created'. Using the 'Summary data' option works just fine.

The export size should be around 7000 rows… He said to me that last month it was running fine !

The user has viewer privileges, but on my performant machine also with admin privileges I get the same error.

We are in a premium workspace.


Any ideas?

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Hi @marcl1 

For Data with current layout , export has a line limit of 150,000 lines . @josephbend  I tested the scene you mentioned , there is no limit on the number of columns, maybe my data is not enough. You can raise a support ticket if you have a Pro license.



Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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Hi @Ailsa-msft 

I'm also having the exact same issue as the above comments. If I have more that 13 columns I and others on my team receive the "Executing the Query for the Export Data operation resulted in an error" issue screenshotted above. As soon as I cut the matrix down to 13 columns I can export again. I can export fine from other visuals and everything else appaers to be working fine.
Thank you!

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Hi @marcl1 and @Ailsa-msft m

We have just encountered the same issue on a report that has been exporting successfully for a year.  I am able to export if I cut down the columns down, as noted above.  But if I use filters to reduce the data to just one row, and keep the columns as is, we get the error.  Did you find a solution to this issue?  Thanks,

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@emcdermidi've started the process of a ticket with pro license : ii'm in discussion with mindtree for pbix & log : hope we'll get soon smth

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I unfortunatly have the same issue, when drilling down in matrix, adding more columns, export is not possible when 14 or more columns are showing. When I remove columns from report to 13 or less exporting has no issues.

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I have recently come into this issue myself. It was working fine previously but it seems to have started this month. For us we noticed it from 15/08/2022.


The issue is isolated to matrix. I have tested the above and if the column is less that 14 it works.