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Unable to edit dashboard theme - bug

Here is an example of what I am expecting to see. The option to edit the theme just dissapeard yesterday as I was working.  I am not able to see the bar highlighted in yellow. I am an admin on the workspace.  Could this be a bug with the service? I am on the government version.

Dashboard Editing.PNG


Even on my personal workspace I dont have these options

Dashboard Editing 2.PNG

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Community Support Team

@AnAnalyst ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce your issue, the dashboard theme can be changed on my side as below, have you switched to the dashboard?




Jimmy Tao


Same issue with me. I have had the functionality in the past but yesterday the bar was no longer available. I am the owner of several dashboards and each one is missing this bar. 

Regular Visitor

@v-yuta-msft  Confirmed that I am in the dashboard section. I have tried all three browsers and different computers. This appears to be a bug in the service -

Frequent Visitor

We are experiencing the same problem, and are also on the government cloud. If it persists, we will open a support ticket with Microsoft in the next day or two.

Community Support Team


@AnAnalyst ,


I still can't reproduce this issue today. This issue should be related to the region and tenant you are using. I would suggest you create a support ticket.



Jimmy Tao