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Unable to download PBIX files - Desktop PowerBI not detected?



Yesterday, I was able to download a PBIX file and publish my report using PBI Desktop based off that file's dataset. Today, I am attempting the same task and every time I select the "Download" option and then select "Power BI Desktop", I get a pop-up message telling me to install Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store. It's already installed but on top of restarting/shutting down, I uninstalled and reinstalled it to see if that fixes it.


Nope. I have tried installing from both the Microsoft Store and the executable file. I get the same behavior in IE, Edge and Chrome. I don't know what else to try. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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In Power BI desktop, click on Download -> Power BI desktop is to download Power BI desktop application instead of report. 


To download the report from service, we can click on Download the .pbix file option. Also there are some limitations of this feature, see:


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Qiuyun Yu