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Unable to create PBI Scorecard



I am trying to create a Scorecard and subsequent goals within this scorecard so I can test out the new feature. Everytime I go through the process to create a new scorecard I'll fill in the neccesary information including adding the scorecard to a premium workspace and I select the "create" button. The window appears to load, then disappears and nothing happens. I have a Power BI Pro license and I am an admin on multiple premium capacity workspaces where I'm trying to store the Scorecard. I've even logged out, closed my browswer and started over and nothing. I am attempting to do this on Google Chrome, but the test scorecards do not appear in Microsoft Edge either.


Any suggestions? 

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @jcaspersen ,

There is an existing ICM about this isse which has been submited internal(ICM: 249377273).

Please note this limitaion about scorecards in Power BI Service:


Information from PG:

For example, if the capacity is West Europe and the tenant is in US, then IT IS multi geo and hence the feature will not work.


In conclusion, it should not be blocked. This is not a supported feature. PG would update error handling to show user proper message when this happens in the near future.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li