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Unable to connect to PostgreSQL using PowerBI Online

I have created a PostgreSQL connection, dataset and report using PowerBI Desktop.
These components were saved in a .pbix file. I tried using this file for PowerBI Online.

The file was imported successfully, but I cannot use the PostgreSQL connection because of the following error:

Failed to update credentials of data sources: The PostgreSQL source doesn't support encrypted connections. (Source at;XXX.) Hide Details
Activity ID: c887fc29-8b67-43df-940e-cd4903c33907
Request ID: 83f9fa35-da3a-aa51-12fb-51056d78b526
Status code: 400
Time: Thu Feb 18 2021 15:15:31 GMT + 0300 (Moscow Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.15383.18
Client version: 2102.2.04869-train
Cluster URI:

I'm sure that db credentials are valid (The connection is working pretty well with PowerBI Desktop and It has been used for a long time in a different CLI-tools/IDEs/scripts). 

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Community Support


please have a look this:

SSL troubleshooting for PowerBI desktop and service[edit]

SSL/TLS connectivity relies on certificates for encryption. For Impala and other ADO.NET-based connectors, the system trusted store is used to validate server certificates. Use the following SSL guide to diagnose and mitigate these issues: SSL Troubleshooting Steps

For SQL, PostGreSQL, and other ODBC sources that allow cloud refresh, only certificates signed by a trusted certificate authority already present in the PowerBI Service trusted certificate store will be able to successfully establish SSL connections. If the certificate authority used for the customer's server is not one of these certificates, we recommend using a gateway. The gateway trusted certificate store can be configured in the directions Here

Simba ODBC drivers including Redshift, Databricks and Snowflake (online services) include a .pem file containing the correct certificate to be used for the service. The driver will use this certificate instead of consulting the system trusted certificate store. These .pem files will already be present in PowerBI Service with the drivers, so cloud refreshes will be able to establish SSL connections.





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@v-lili6-msft Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately, following both of your links gives me errors like this:

Request Id: abfe4715-ce4c-4fac-bf0c-e913c0820e00
Correlation Id: bc0be22d-22cf-461a-a169-278818cf13b4
Timestamp: 2021-02-19T07:32:52Z
Message: AADSTS50020: User account '' from identity provider '' does not exist in tenant 'Microsoft' and cannot access the application ''(pbiwiki) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.

I've tried to get access via incognito mode and to clear browser cache. These actions where suggested here.

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My teammate now expecting the same auth issue when trying to follow pbwiki link that you have provided.

Community Support


I couldn't reproduce this error, I would suggest you submit a support ticket to get further help from power bi support team.




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We are now using a Free-trial of PowerBI Pro, so support tickets are not available in our case.

Looks like your suggestion is to set up a local gateway which requires a local db instance and OS Windows.
But in our case we need to connect a PostgreSQL data source on a remote Ubuntu server.

Quick recap:

- We're using a PostgreSQL instance as a data source. The Database itself is located on a remote Ubuntu host with SSL sertificate
- The connection works well with PowerBI Desktop
- We need to Import .pbix file to PowerBI Online 
- Imported Connection from .pbix file failes in PowerBI Online
- According to @v-lili6-msft answer, our SSL Connection to DB HOST was treated as untrusted.

So now the question is how to setup a trusted connection for PowerBI Online.