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Unable to add a favorite report/dashboard from an App

My organisation has recently moved onto Power BI Premium and we are publishing our reports under a number of Apps where our "Free" users can consume our content (without the requriement of having a Power BI Pro license).  Users are unable to add individual reports to their favourites.  They can only add the App as a Favourite.  It is possible to add a report as a favourite from within a workspace (as there is a Favorite star to click) however our "Free" users don't have access to our workspaces and they also don't see this Favourite Star when they view the reports under Apps. 

Is this a bug?

Status: Delivered

Hi @G_R ,


As of now, we can only add a dashboard, report or App as favorite. Reports inside App are not supported. Reference: Favorite dashboards, reports, and apps in Power BI service.


For your requirement, you could submit ideas here.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Status changed to: Delivered