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Unable to Pin to Existing Dashboard - Power BI Online

I've got an issue with a user who is unable to pin a Live page to a Dashboard.  The only options he's given are to create a new Dashboard.  Has anyone experienced this before or knows a resolution?


I've provided some points for clarity and images below:

  1. The user created all the dashboards previously and has been able to view the created dashboards when pinning (He pinned to them yesterday, issue began today).
  2. He's tried refreshing the webpage and confirmed he was in the 'Edit' view prior to pinning.
    1. touhuely_0-1600883666415.jpeg


  3. I was able to successfully see all avaliable Dashboards when I went to pin a visual.
    1. touhuely_1-1600883690808.jpeg


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Community Support

@touhuely ,


Please create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

Thank you!  Submitting one right now.